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What is Wild Road Camper ?

Wild Road Camper was created in 2019 as a result of my love for Nature, Adventure, Travel and Outdoors in general.

One day I decided to convert my own van to use on weekends and holidays, and I soon realised that this was a way of life, and that in addition to traveling, I really enjoyed designing and building campervans.

That's how Wild Road Camper was created.


As a member of the Vanlife community, I spend a lot of time surrounded by people from all over the world, who come from different cultures and with endless stories and adventures to share.


Wild Road Camper is the place where you will be able to read some of those stories, learn everything you need to get started in the Camper world, ask us for a budget to Convert your van, and purchase any product from our Store, all of them handmade.

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